Bodine Electric Company 

Gear Motors, Drives, and Controls

Over 100 years of high quality gear motor solutions designed and manufactured in the midwest!

Skarda is a proud distributor of Bodine AC and DC motors, which perform well in a variety of industrial applications. Bodine Motors and Drives are known for reliability combined with aesthetics and quiet operation.


Please contact your Skarda Sales team for information on selecting the right solution for your project.

Contact Customer service for assistance for selecting the right option for your application!

Available Products Include:
  • Inverter Duty AC Motors
  • Fixed-Speed AC Motor
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • Brushless DC Motors
  • Parallel Shaft Gearmotors, AC & DC
  • Right-Angle Gearmotors, AC & DC
  • Hollow-Shaft
  • INTEGRAmotor, e-TORQ,
  • Fractional motors 1/300 hp up to ¾ hp
  • Frame Sizes: 22B/SR, 22B/FV, 24A, 30R, 33A, 34R, 34B/FV, 42A, 42R, 48R
  • AC Inverter Drives, DC Drives, Brushless DC Speed Control