Dyna-Lift by Bucher Hydraulics

Ergonomic Lift Systems

The Standard for delivering height-adjustable solutions

The Dyna-Lift system has proven reliability and performance in the heaviest industrial applications as well as the smooth, quiet and aesthetically pleasing operation needed for office or medical operations.

As adjustable-height work space become the standard in all industries, Bucher Hydraulics Dyna-Lift system is ready to satisfy. Units ship ready to install or OEM and retrofit kits are available.  Quickly adjustable workbenches can improve productivity and increase comfort - the Dyna-Lift complies with ADA and OSHA standards.

Common applications include work benches, hospital beds, assembly line fixtures, rehabilitation or massage tables, food preparation tables.

Combine with our 80/20 product line to add internally or externally mounted lifts to your aluminum extrusion project, as well.

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Options include:

  • Base systems are ready-to-install complete systems.  Can use 1 - 6 cylinders, with a maximum capacity of 1000 lbs. Standard options offer up to 16 inches of lift, with either a manual (hand-crank) or electric operation.
  • Heavy-Duty Dyna-Lift for converting an existing fixed height structure to an adjustable structure. Up to 12 inches of lift, with a 1500 lb capacity.
  • External leg assemblies for Aluminum Extrusion mount quickly and easily into t-slot structures (Check out 80/20's options!)
  • Internal Leg assemblies for Aluminum Extrusion mount inside 2" or 3" extrusion for an aesthetically pleasing option, or for any application where outside obstructions are unwanted. 
  • Telescoping Leg Assemblies (TLA) work in tandem with each other to provide smooth, quiet and rigid height adjustments regardless of off-center or cantilever loads.  The TLA product line is perfect for original equipment manufacturers of medical, office or light industrial workspaces.