Industrial Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

High Quality, Cost-Effective Vacuum Automation Solutions manufactured in the USA

Since 1994, Edco has manufactured compact, innovative solutions for industrial vacuum-holding applications outside of St Louis, Missouri - allowing quick delivery through-out Skarda's territory.

Edco's original focus was on suction cups, but they have expanded to pumps and additional vacuum technology accessories. Their focus is on better perfomance, faster delivery and lower prices than competitors. They offer a modular pump for easy field expansion, conversion or maintenance.  Pumps are anodized aluminum and stainless steel - not plastic!

If you are unhappy with pricing, performance or delivery of your current vacuum cup provider, contact your Territory Manager today - Edco maintains a detailed cross-over list of nearly 3,000 components.








Product Line Includes:

  • Multi-Stage Pumps
  • Single-Stage Pumps
  • Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Air Amplifiers & Transfer Tubes
  • Suction Cups (Vacuum Cups): CUp diameters from 4mm to 150mm standard
    • Non-marking, minimual residue rubber standard - Customer specified compounds as needed
    • Bellows, Deep Cup, Universal, Flat, Traction-Foot and Oval options available
  • 1-piece fitting design with with a larger flange than the competition, for a more evenly distributed load for longer life and increased stability.  Fittings are anondized aluminum.
  • Vacuum Accessories
    • Dual Flow Valves (to limit vacuum leakage when all cups are not in sealing contact)
    • Tri-Flow Valves
    • Flow-Sensor Valves
    • Release Check Valves (blow-off) with release as low as 5 psi
    • Vacuum Check Valves to prevent flow of ambient air into the vacuum system
    • VC-RC - Vacuum Check with Release Check Valve is used with a single vacuum cup so a non-porous, high value work piece won't be immediately dropped if the system vacuum source is lost.
    • Level Compensators
    • Mechanical Valves (with or without cup)
    • Low Profile Cone Valves (with cup)
    • Swivel Joints (for use with cups 20mm to 150mm)  Brass body, stainless steel shaft and nitrile seals standard
    • Tee Adaptors - to join vacuum tubing to simplify plumbing (daisy chain) or as an angle adaptor for perpendicular connections