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Dryers, Aftercoolers and Chillers

A family-owned company, Air-Tak is an industry leader in affordable solutions for compressed air applications. With engineering, design and manufacturing all located in Pennsylvania, Air-Tak is able to offer custom solutions (large or small) with quick turn-around.


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SD Ser
heated regen
  • Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers
    • Series: HLD, SHLD
    • Continuous supply of dry air, -40 degree F dew point
  • Heated Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
    • Series: EHD, BPD
    • Heated units use less purge air than heatless models
    • Outlet dew points as low as -100 degree F
    • Includes Power Interruption Protection (PIP) for employee & equipment protection in a power outage
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
    • Series: SD, BDA, D
    • 10 – 7500 SCFM Options
    • Stainless Steel option
    • Non-cycling, heavy-duty, low-pressure drop
  • Deliquescent Dryers
    • Series: DD
    • Flow rate: 48 – 2500 SCFM
    • Reduce the dew point by 20 degrees F with less than a 1% pressure drop
    • No moving parts, no electricity required – great for mobile or remote applications
  • Aftercoolers
    • Series: AT, ATS
    • Electric motor and air motor options
    • Options from 20 to 3600 SCFM (at 100 PSIG / 200 deg F)
  • Chillers and Fluid Cooling Systems
    • Series: C
    • Industrial Closed Loop Fluid Cooling Systems
  • Filters, Drain Valves and Accessories
    • Filter Series: F, FF
    • Automatic Drain Series: SDV
    • Replacement Desiccant
    • Mist Eliminators (used as a pre-filter to remove oils), flows up to 12400 SCFM, Series:  MESP, MEDP
  • Custom Engineered Products
    • Design, Engineering, manufacturing
    • Large Capacity drying 10,000+ SCFM
    • High and Low Pressure Applications
    • Custom engineered packages
    • Refinery and Petrochemical Grade Dryers
    • Landfill Gas, Nitrogen Generators, Isobutane
    • PLC control packages with Touchscreen and Ethernet communications
    • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers