We do things a little differently.  And yet, just the way you would expect.

Skarda Equipment was a company founded on the principles of technical customer service in the 1960's.  John and Darlene partnered with the best manufacturers in the fluid power industry, then they learned the in's and out's of the product lines, their customer's industries, and how one served the other. John visited his customers face-to-face and discussed their needs.

As just one small example of the way the Skardas' were willing to think outside the box to meet their customer's needs, when John Sr had an opportunity with a large energy corporation, but found that some instrumentation manufacturer's were unwilling to sign a "fluid power company" as a distributor, he simply created a new company! In John's words, "I kept the entire CIPCO operation in my right desk drawer," and this allowed him to pick up several lines and do a lot of business with that customer.  CIPCO, or "Controls, Instruments, Process Equipment Company," was eventually absorbed back into Skarda Equipment, as manufacturers became more comfortable with "motion control" companies that adequately represented pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronic manufacturers.

We have 12 Territory Managers now to fill John's shoes - not to mention 9 customer support personnel and quite a few managers, accountants, and office staff trying to fill Darlene's shoes!  The product lines have expanded some, the types of industries have changed a bit, but the principles remain the same.  Territory Managers spend their time visiting customers and learning the industries and the needs of an ever-changing industrial and manufacturing world. They attend product schools around the country to develop relationships with our suppliers and learn the product lines inside and out. They are expected to maintain independent certification by the International Fluid Power Society in both pneumatic and hydraulic specialties.

As you review our website, understand that we are not a "catalog supplier."  We are pleased to offer in-stock, immediate delivery on a wide-variety of products, but total motion control solutions are often not provided with a "straight out of the box, stock" solution.  Our complete list of manufacturer partner's is here. Contact us to discuss the custom needs your application and your business require.

Skarda offers:
•    Systems solution capabilities, problem solving for electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
•    Customized inventory programs, including consignment, "super stock" and blanket orders.
•    Internet based trade program capabilities such as Exostar, Ariba, EDI, etc.

•    Bar-coding or special packaging requirements
•    Value-added services , including custom assemblies and control solutions from our sister company, Controlled Motion Dynamics, Inc.
•    Technically trained sales force and management, including 19 Fluid Power Specialists. Our average employee has been with us over 10 years.