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                                      Motors and Drives

Kollmorgen's products have been on Mars and in space, on ships and submarines, used for drilling and meteorology, as well as in surgical robots and artificial hearts. Their knowledge of electromagnetic theory and control allows them to solve your most demanding motor and motion control requirements. From classic servo motors, drives, and amplifiers to multi-axis motion controllers, Kollmorgen is one of the few companies in the world that will actually design and manufacture all of your desired products.  

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  • Servo
    • 8,000 rpm for standard designs
    • 70,000 rpm for special designs
  • Stepper
    • brushless and maintenance free
    • move in 1.8 increments (200 steps per revolution)
  • Washdown Food Grade
    • designed to meet touch hygienic requirements
    • FDA approved
  • Explosion Proof
    • minimize risk of explosion and contain internal explosions
    • helps machine builders achieve ATEX certification


  • Servo
    • 300 - 50,000 watts of continuous duty power output
  • Stepper
    • microstepping capabilities and servo-like positioning
    • 12-240 Vac and 20-75 Vdc power input